To transform Aseer into a global tourist destination through infrastructure projects that make it the epitome of modernity, with authenticity and natural beauty at its core.

The Aseer region will become a world-class tourist destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad by striking a balance between development and conservation. By offering a wide range of entertainment, cultural and sporting opportunities, this region has the potential to become a cohesive and inclusive society without encroaching upon its natural environment.


Tourism is our priority. We aim to provide seamless tourism experiences for middle-class citizens and enhance Aseer’s position on the global tourism map.

Aseer has many unique cultural and environmental assets, characterized by its five diverse terrains: coasts, plateaus, mountains, hills and deserts. Our strategy is built on three main pillars: humanity, economy and environment.

Through this, we aim to attract approximately 8 million tourists by 2030, almost thrice the current amount.

This evolution relies heavily on offering local recreational activities and staying abreast with international tourism trends..

Seeing the Asir region

To transform Aseer into a global tourist destination through infrastructure projects that make it the epitome of modernity, with authenticity and natural beauty at its core.

Seeing the Asir region

Seeing the Asir region

To be a preeminent, year-round destination built upon authentic culture and rich nature


  • 1.1 Attract visitors year-round with smart and unique tourism offerings and activities
  • 1.2 Empower SMEs to drive tourism development
  • 1.3 Actively support and enable large scale tourism projects


  • 2.1 Develop, attract and retain top talent to drive a smart tourism sector
  • 2.2 Activate culture & heritage as a source of competitive advantage for Aseer
  • 2.3 Increasing community participation in the development of the tourism sector


  • 3.1 Preserving wilderness, coastal, and marine ecosystems to safeguard biodiversity and ensure the sustainable use of resources.
  • 3.2 Restore and enhance Aseer’s degraded landscapes , damaged ecosystems and lost biodiversity
  • 3.3 Sustainably manage Aseer’s resources according to best practices and to mitigate climate change



4.1Cultivate effective partnerships to empower key sectors' growth
4.2Collect and facilitate data to enable decision making
4.3Implement effective and smart regional planning and development

Authentic culture

Rich nature

Human resources

The Aseer Region Strategy is a result of joint team effort

The Development Organizations Support Office and the Aseer Region Development Authority provided guidance in all stages of developing the strategy

The concerned authorities provided unconditional cooperation and participation to improve our work

With Local Citizens and Businesses

With Local experts and stakeholders

With Secretariat / Municipalities

With Ministries/Vision Realization Programs and Authorities

Alignment with government agencies


Organizations and Vision Realization Programs

Aseer Strategy Refresh aims to attract up to ~9 M visitors, and generate up to SAR ~26 bn in GDP and ~94k jobs by 2030.

2022 2030
Visits to Aseer

~ 9.1

GDP impact

~ 26
Billion SR

The additional jobs that will be created

~ 94
Thousand jobs

Aseer Development Authority is guided by principles aimed at preserving the Aseer region as a tourist destination for future generations

ASDA’s fundamental belief is to follow a holistic approach, ensuring comprehensive coverage of economic, societal, and environmental aspects; and to do so it follows 4 guiding principles

Prioritize assets and their sustainability

Develop with the future in mind


Celebrating local cultural landmarks

Give prominence to cultural richness


Working with and for the local community

Engage local community and ensure they benefitthird-guideline


Preserve authenticity

Bridge local culture to the tourists, do not conform